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How long has GymBoom been in business?

GymBoom launched in the fall of 2019 and has been rapidly growing and evolving ever since, serving hundreds of locations across the US, Canada, and Australia. (Read more of our story on our "About" page.)

Who is GymBoom for? Who does GymBoom serve?

GymBoom services most major models that offer personal training, or are semi-private & group training facilities (boot camps, kickboxing, etc.), and even the bigger box model. (Read "Who We Help" page to learn more.)

What can I expect on a Business Blueprint Session with GymBoom?

The Business Blueprint Session is designed to uncover any hidden gaps that may be causing you to leave thousands on the table when it comes to high-ticket client acquisitions and how to fix them immediately! Book my Blueprint Session.

I see so many other agencies & programs for gym owners. Why GymBoom?

We remove all the heavy lifting of your lead-generation, prospecting, nurturing and appointment setting. And before your qualified prospects walk through your doors, we coach you & your team with proven sales skills & tactics, so you're empowered to close easier and faster. Ultimately, you can create a predictable business, that works & grows without you. Scroll down this page to see why gym owners choose to work with us. 👇

What kind of results can I expect by partnering with GymBoom?

Of course this can vary, but typically, our clients experience results in 3 main areas.

TIME: Get back 15-20 hours of your week, as we take care of the heavy-lifting by running & managing your ads, your prospecting & nurturing, and ensuring your qualified prospects walk through the door.

REVENUE: For every $1 you spend on ads, our minimum goal is to get you $3 in return. But your larger ROI comes from the long-term recurring revenue we help you build.

CONFIDENCE & SKILLS: We empower you & your team with skills & confidence, along with the most effective systems & tools, to build a predictable business that works & grows without you.

How much does GymBoom cost?

Not to sound coy, but it really depends on several factors, but our solutions will NEVER be out of the budget for those who are committed to growing. We do NOT push cookie-cutter solutions, so until we can properly diagnose your business, your team size, and what your business actually needs. Unlike most other agencies out there, what you pay for is results-driven. Which means, we will do everything to ensure you get results. Still wondering the exact cost for your gym? Schedule a free discovery call!

Does GymBoom guarantee results?

Yes, we do guaranteed results. In fact, our goal is to get you cashflow positive within 30 days (or less) from launch! Having said that, just like our money-back guarantee (and all guarantees), there are stipulations which we lay out in detail once we decide to move forward together.

How much lead generation does GymBoom do for the gym and studio owner?

ALL lead generation from creating your ads, writing your ad copy, placing (and testing) the ad creative, and all funnel-builds (as needed) are completely done-for-you!

How much prospecting & nurturing does GymBoom do for the gym/studio?

We take care of ALL your gym’s prospecting & nurturing to ensure your prospects set up an appointment with you.

Does GymBoom set up appointments for the gym and studio owner?

Yes, we take care of setting up appointments for the leads we bring you.

Does GymBoom just do marketing for gyms, or can you help us with sales, too?

Our sales coaching is a done-with-you system. You’ll be empowered and work hand-in-hand with our team of sales experts, who customize and build a sales process that's aligned with you & your team, so that it’s natural, easy to adapt, and ultimately gets you quick results. We got your back! 👊😉

Does GymBoom help us grow our membership and our training?

Yes, beyond helping with membership, this has been a huge area of success for the majority of our clients. They love it, we love it... it's a beautiful thing!

What is the commitment timeframe to work with GymBoom?

Just give us a 60-day notice to cancel and we can separate as friends. Why 60 days? Since we do all lead prospecting, nurturing, and appointment setting, our systems and process is built for 60 days. So the moment you put in your cancellation is when we will clean out all leads and your pipeline. Consider the extra sales appointments we send you as parting gifts. 😉

How long until I am cash-flow positive and making sales?

Typically within 30 days from launch (most times, less). Sales appointments can start 48 hours after launching your ads.

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