“We loved the help and guidance through the 6 Week Challenges. Gym Boom made it so easy, all we had to do was execute. Working with the GB team on sales training gave my team the confidence to charge even MORE for our services. We were able to add 36 new 12/mo training clients, over $80k in new contracts between 3 clubs AND we converted 1 of our clubs into long term training deals at 85% with $42k in contract value.”

- Karmen Nenahlo

(Anytime Fitness Franchisee of the Year)

“Gym Boom totally rejuvenated me! We were able to pull in $25k in cash in the first 30 days of working with them. They are ahead of the curve, creative and smart. It’s a turn key solution; they provide the plan and even help you execute!”

- Matt Gulino

(Anytime Fitness Club Platinum)

“We pulled in $22k in the first 30 days working with Gym Boom. They gave our existing training program the energy it needed to grow. We gained so much confidence that we even raised our prices. Jonathan worked incredibly well with our team. It felt more like he was a part of our team then just working with a consultant.”

- John and Kelsey Schultz

(Anytime Fitness Club Platinum)